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Good Health Starts Here

Herbal supplements expertly blended from the finest Swiss ingredients in nature, designed to keep your loved ones their healthiest

Inspired by Nature, Blended for Health

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  • Nature is Boss

    Nature is already pretty perfect, so we apply our scientific and botanical expertise to make the most of what it has to offer. Plus, we’re committed to preserving the environment — so you can feel good about the products that help you feel your best.

  • Ideal Blends for Ideal Health

    We carefully handpick each of our all-natural ingredients for their powerful restorative properties. Each of our herbs is a powerhouse on its own, but our synergistic blends work harder than the sum of their parts. Our botanical experts balance our blends to perfection, and we produce in small batches right here in Switzerland. That freshness is important, because our process preserves the plant compounds that do the heavy lifting for your health.

  • Treat Your Body, Not the Symptoms

    In the middle of your busy day, jet to the Swiss highlands with Dr. Dünner — and get back to work or play feeling refreshed. Self-care shouldn’t be a special occasion. Our herbal supplements are the cornerstone of good health, designed to help you develop positive habits. So smile, laugh, work, play, have a great day—because you’re your truest self when you feel your best.


Healthy Immune System

The immune system is our body’s first line of defense against dangerous viral and bacterial intruders. Maintaining a strong immune system can be the difference between catching a cold or waking up feeling energized. Relaxation can boost immune health, but many of us don’t get enough of it. Take a break with a refreshing glass of Sambu or one of our other immune blends.


Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is a cornerstone of good health. A good night’s sleep can boost mood, improve memory, sharpen attention, lower stress, help maintain a healthy weight and more. Doctors recommend eight healthy hours of sleep per night. We recommend Swiss Bedtime Blend, with all-natural herbal melatonins to help you get to bed and sleep through the night.


Great Digestive Health

We rely on our digestive system to do the essential work of nutrient synthesis. Nutrients fuel our energy supply, growth and cell repair to keep the rest of our body healthy. The digestive system also eliminates toxins, stabilizes hormones and promotes weight management. And, of course, a well-functioning digestive system keeps your stomach feeling healthy and happy.

Swiss Excellence, Worldwide

Crisp Alpine air, crystalline lakes, rolling verdant hills – the brilliance of the Swiss highlands surrounds us and inspires everything we do.

Our mission is to share this bounty of nature’s goodness with the world, while protecting and preserving the ecosystem at home. Hydroelectric power plants in the Swiss Alps generate our 100% renewable energy, and we strive for carbon neutrality.

Our ingredients are sustainably sourced from small farmers whose heritage of herbal cultivation dates back for centuries. Though we’ve built strong relationships with distributors worldwide, you can always trust that your Dr. Dünner favorites went from plant to product right here in Switzerland.

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