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4 Herbs That Will Boost Your Immune System

By Dr Dunner July 04, 2017

Don't wait for a sore throat or a cough to start supporting your immune system. Put them in your tea or blend them in your smoothie. These are 4 herbs you can use today and every day to make sure you are your best self, your healthiest self.


It's no secret that Echinacea has many health benefits. It's a common agent that has been used for centuries to help fight infections like the common cold, flu, and other respiratory disturbances. Echinacea works by activating chemicals in the body that help decrease inflammation, which in turn reduces the severity of cold and flu symptoms.


Elderberries are chock full of nutrients, vitamins, and organic compounds that help the body fight inflammation and other infections. With active ingredients like bioflavonoids, Elderberry can help soothe these irritations in the body and can even help you clear out that aggravating phlegm associated with colds and flu.

Linden Blossom

As healthy as it is aromatic, Linden Blossom is a natural alternative for fighting colds and flu. With antiseptic properties that reduce inflammation, and a wealth of phytonutrients, bioflavonoids, and diaphoretic qualities, Linden Blossom becomes a powerful ally in immune support. When harvested at the first flower, the herb will retain all of the essential nutrients and oils that make it so beneficial.


This common flower can be found in garden plots on street corners or urban backyards, but what not many know is that it's a powerful agent during cold and flu season. Nasturtium has a very high concentration of Vitamin C, but more importantly, it helps the body break down aggravating congestion from infections on your immune system. Pro tip - it's spicy and an excellent addition to any salad.