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The Easiest Plant to Grow with Kids

By Dr.Dünner August 08, 2017
Plant Grow Kids

No need for a green thumb to grow this one, because they don't need (or want) much of your attention. Nasturtiums will begin growing about a week and a half after planting, and they thrive in nutrient-poor soils without fertilizer. They don't need much water and seem to do just fine as long as they're in warm temperatures.

These easy-to-grow annuals serve as beautiful ground cover in your garden or window sill. They produce bright green leaves with aromatic, colorful flowers (that you can eat!) that grow easily and quickly, making them the perfect activity for your little one to test out their green thumb.

Nasturtiums are also loaded with natural Vitamin C, so once you grow them, they can be harvested used to support a healthy immune system!


Unlike other flower seeds, which can come in a brown powdery dust, Nasturtium seeds are large and leave no doubt in a child's mind that they are planting something.

  • Plant Nasturtium seeds in early spring. You can start the seeds indoors 4 to 6 weeks before the last spring frost.
  • Use a poor soil without fertilizers. Fertile, rich soil will give you less flowers and more foliage.
  • Plant the seeds about ½ inch deep.
  • Plants should appear in 7 to 10 days.


Nasturtiums don't require a lot of attention. Make sure to water your plants regularly, but careful to not over-water. With the entire above-ground plant edible, you can harvest your Nasturtiums and use them on a salad as an extra boost to your immune system!

As the growing season ends, the seeds will dry out on the vine and fall off. Gather them and keep them in a dry, dark place and replant them in the Spring!