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How You Can Be More Environmentally Friendly Today

By Dr Dunner December 19, 2017
Environmentally Friendly

With the New Years right around the corner, now is the time to set your mind to new goals and stick with them. It's easy to make excuses against environmental choices, but we're here to give you some ideas for making eco-friendly moves that won't cost you time, money, or resources.

Use Less Paper

Paper towels are an easy item to consume — almost too easy. One alternative to using less paper towels is to use cloth instead. You'll get more uses, and you won't have to waste money continuously restocking on your Bounty. What about that tee shirt that suddenly fits too small or has that awkward stain? Don't throw them out - cut them up and use them to help you clean around the house.

Cut out water bottles

Americans spend $16 billion on water bottles every year. Take advantage of free water and invest in a Nalgene or a Hydroflask to help you stay hydrated (and save money).

Borrow More, Buy Less

Rather than going out and buying new DVDs (people still do that, right?) that you will eventually throw away or give away, borrow from your neighbors or buy used. One man's trash is another man's (eco-friendly) treasure.

Avoid plastic (when you can)

If the decision comes down to plastic spoons or wooden - opt wooden. Plastic cup or paper cup? Paper. Tupperware or mason jar? Mason jar. You're getting the hang of it. 

Avoid straws (all the time)

Americans use more than 500 million straws a day. Luckily, straws are a luxury that most of us can afford to live without, unless you want to opt for more eco-friendly options like these. With more than 80-90% of debris filling our oceans being plastic, choosing to drink your beverage without a straw next time seems like a small sacrifice.


Plan a ride! You can save gas (and do your part to reduce traffic) by scheduling a ride with friends ahead of time or using UberPool or Lyft Line. Protip - this helps you save money too.

Being eco-friendly isn't about changing your entire lifestyle, it's about making small changes that have big impact. And if everyone did their part, they would make the planet a better place for everyone. So do your part (and don't use straws).