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How to Be a Mindful Consumer

By Dr Dunner January 23, 2018
Mindful Consumer

You can practice mindful in all areas of your life - how you work, how you relax, or how you buy. And being a mindful consumer is more than donating to a charity every now and then. It’s about practicing that self-awareness in the ways you consume.

  1. Do you really need to buy this?

The average American throws away $2,200, or 300 lbs., in food each year. What could you have done with that spare change? How many mouths could you have fed with that spare food? Next time you go to the grocery store and start tossing items into your basket without second thought, think about your real need.

2. Consider the life of your purchase.

What will happen to your purchase after it lives out its life in your kitchen, closet, coffee table? Consider the consequences of it being made, and of it being disposed. Is it biodegradable? Is it a danger to the environment.

3. Support local business.

Shop your local farmer’s market for produce, and support your community and local economy. By doing so, you’re cutting down on transportation and all of the costs associated with it. You can also feel good about helping out your neighbor.

4. Be polite.

When your shopping, be polite to the retail associates. Put yourself in their shoes, and consider the daily stresses that come with their job. The bright lights. Standing on your feet all day. Constant communication with other people. Be a ray of light in their day by making their job that much easier (hint: you’ll be happy you did).

5. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Be Mindful.

Dispose of your waste mindfully. Anytime you’re not sure about an item, check the labels, or look it up online to see what your local waste regulations are. Just a few little changes make a big impact on a major movement. Everyone doing their part will go a long way, and hey - what do you have to waste?