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Natural Alternatives to These 4 Drugs in Your Medicine Cabinet

By Dr Dunner January 29, 2018

Nearly 81 percent of adults admit to using over-the-counter drugs for symptom relief. However, more and more people today are returning to their roots, finding natural alternatives to treat the body, not the symptoms.Tylenol®, DayQuil, Advil®, and Motrin® are 4 of the most common household drugs used in the US. Tylenol® reduces fevers, DayQuil to treat your cold, Advil® to relieve your headache, and Motrin® to alleviate anything that falls in between. But rather than turning to these man made chemicals at the first sign of pain or discomfort, to take a step back and think about natural alternatives instead.


Use: Headache Relief

Natural Alternatives: There are several natural alternatives to treating headaches. Arguably the most popular being to increase your intake of magnesium. Magnesium is extremely safe and inexpensive. People who suffer frequent migraines frequently tend to have low levels of magnesium. You can add it to your diet easily supplementing your diet with foods that naturally contain it - like beans, seeds, nuts, whole grain and leafy vegetables. Most dairy products also contain decent levels of magnesium. If that doesn’t work, then herbs like feverfew and butterbur are also excellent headache relievers. And if all else, fails - make sure you are hydrated!


Use: Cold & Flu Relief

Natural Alternatives: Echinacea and Elderberry are two of the most popular natural remedies to cold and flu relief. Echinacea helps the body fight off infections, acting as an anti-inflammatory and directly attacking yeast and other dangerous kind of fungus. Similarly, Elderberry also helps boost the immune system and is said to deactivate the flu virus. More importantly, it helps reduce the severity and length of those nasty cold and flu symptoms.


Use: Pain Reliever

Natural Alternatives: Painfully spicy cayenne and wasabi will surprise you. Cayenne pepper has several natural pain relief benefits, including postoperative pain. It also helps ward off several types of infection, active against 16 different types of fungal strains. It also helps alleviate external pain, like muscle soreness, joint pain, and tension. Wasabi contains isothiocyanates, which could also help alleviate pain.


Use: Fever Reducer

Natural Alternative: It’s always best to keep a watchful eye with fevers. If it looks like it’s getting serious, then consult your doctor. Otherwise, then getting tons of rest and drinking lots of water and fluids are two of the most important things you can do to reduce a fever. Rest allows your body to allocate normal functioning resources to the immune system to fight infection, while fluids will help remove toxins from the body. Other things you can do will be to take a lukewarm bath, eat mild and bland foods, and take probiotics to supplement your immune system.

Water is one of the best natural resources we have, and when all else fails, staying hydrated is key to a healthy mind and body.