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5 Reasons Why a Liquid Herbal Supplement is Better than a Pill

By Dr Dunner October 24, 2018
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Nature’s bounty provides us with a wealth of healthful plants and herbs. Herbal supplements’ effectiveness depends on how well they preserve and deliver the health-supporting benefits of their ingredients.

When it comes to potency, liquid formats are the best way for herbal supplements to pack their maximum punch. Here’s five reasons why that’s true:

1. Better, faster absorption. Liquid herbal supplements are absorbed into the bloodstream in a matter of minutes, bypassing the digestive system. The absorbability of liquids means that liquid supplements like concentrates begin to work in the body quicker than other formats. In addition to the speed, liquids require no fillers, binders or extra ingredients that tablets and capsules require to keep their shape. This lack of fillers makes liquid supplements a particularly good choice for people who may have digestive issues; weak or compromised digestive systems have a harder time isolating the effective biocompounds from the fiber and cellulose that gives tablets and capsules their shape.

2. No fillers needed. As aforementioned, tablets and capsules can contain fillers, binders and other ancillary ingredients necessary for maintaining shape. Not all of these additives may be healthful, but luckily liquid supplements require none.

3. More active ingredients. At Dr.Dünner, we believe in the full-spectrum extraction process. This approach keeps herbs in as close to their natural states as possible, maintaining the integrity of the plant compounds that do the heavy lifting for your health. (Other supplement makers use the standardized extraction process, which aims to isolate active ingredients). Liquid supplements that use full-spectrum extraction processes deliver more bio-active ingredients than any other supplement form. Tablets and capsules begin as powders that require grinding and drying processes. These processes can damage herbs’ precious and volatile oils and disturb their makeup.

4. Optimally maintains freshness. Liquid supplements, when made with freshly harvested herbs, are able to preserve and deliver that freshness better than powders and tablets. Tablets and capsules are made of powdered herbs that were dried months before appearing for sale, and may have lost potency in that time. Liquids, meanwhile, preserve plant compounds near perfectly when in airtight bottles.

5. Liquid herbal blends have synergistic power. Herbal blends are most powerful when multiple herbs work synergistically in tandem with each other, rather than standing alone. The liquid format is excellent for supporting blends that deliver benefits from multiple herbs at once.

Although we at Dr.Dünner believe that liquids are the most effective form for herbal supplements, not every plant is suitable for liquid format. Certain herbs offer excellent health benefits, but have a taste that is too strong or unpleasant. We turn some of these herbs into capsules, which are preferable to a tablet because capsules require fewer additives. The more tasty of our herbs become our healthy and delicious concentrates. Cheers to good health!