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Why Yellow Gentian is the Key to Healthy Digestion

By Dr Dunner November 20, 2018
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Get to know Yellow Gentian, one of the stars of our Liver-Chol Plus blend.


Native to the rolling green hills and moderate climate surrounding the Swiss Alps, Yellow Gentian is one of our favorite herbs at Dr.Dünner. Yellow Gentian has a long history; the herb is named for King Gentius, an ancient Illyrian who is believed to have discovered the herb’s healing properties. Herbalists have cultivated Gentian for over 2,000 years. In the Middle Ages, Gentian was an antidote to poisons. Traditional Chinese Medicine used Gentian Root to treat liver-related diseases and for detoxification, just as we continue to do today. For centuries, people have trusted Gentian to protect liver health, stimulate bile production, inhibit digestive viruses, and treat myriad gastrointestinal ailments including diarrhea, stomachache, vomiting and heartburn.

Modern studies prove much this ancient wisdom about Gentian. Here are 4 key ways that Yellow Gentian maintains liver and digestive health:

Increases the flow of bile

Researchers believe that Yellow Gentian acts directly on the liver and upper gastrointestinal tract to release saliva and bile. Bile is the body’s digestive fluid, critical for breaking up fats from food and absorbing essential vitamins. Because Gentian stimulates bile production, it also facilitates vitamin absorption. This study shows that, when taken as a liquid, Gentian stimulates gastric secretions that break down fat and cholesterol — and is therefore an herbal pathway to maintaining optimal weight. The more efficiently that the body can produce bile for digestion, the less a person will encounter issues like indigestion and upset stomach.

Protects the liver from viruses, fungi and bacteria

One of the most widely researched components of Gentian is a compound called Gentiopicroside. This powerful plant compound contributes to Gentian’s antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral nature. Studies have shown Gentian’s bacteria- and fungus-killing nature to combat yeast infections, including the common Candida albicans. The compound Gentiopicroside is also hepatoprotective, which means that Gentian has the ability to protect and prevent damage to the liver. Gentian is popular among herbalists today to protect liver function, help regenerate its cells, and inhibit viruses that target the liver and other digestive organs.

Fights cellular damage

Antioxidants protect the body from free radicals, which are molecules generated by sun exposure, stress and aging. Free radicals cause damage to cells, DNA and collagen. Yellow gentian root is packed with antioxidants, and studies have proven them to scavenge free radicals and display antigenotoxic ability (ability to fight the toxins in the body that damage cells). The antioxidants in Gentian root have even been shown to prevent alcohol-induced liver steatosis (accumulation of fat).

Gentian also contains the compound isogentisin, a compound that has been linked to prevention of endothelial injury (injury caused to blood vessels and lymph cells, including injury due to smoking). When 22 natural Alpine plant extracts were tested for their ability to protect cells from smoking-induced cell damage, Gentian proved the most effective.

Battles inflammation

For centuries, herbalists have used Gentian to treat stomach pains, cramping, and gastrointestinal discomfort caused by inflammation. Gentian root contains xanthones, which studies have shown to display potent anti-inflammatory effects. One of the most widely-researched Gentian constituents is a compound called gentiopicroside; it’s been shown in animal studies to battle inflammation and reduce pain. The active compounds in Gentian that fight inflammation also help modulate pathways in the brain to mitigate chronic pain.

The benefits of Gentian don’t end here! The plant has also been shown to curb appetite to reduce energy intake by 30%, improve circulation, reduce blood pressure, increase muscular endurance — and have even displayed an antiproliferative effect on cancerous cells.

That’s why at Dr.Dünner, we count ourselves lucky — we have access to a fresh supply of all-natural, organic Yellow Gentian at our fingertips, growing wild on the vast Swiss hills.